So much hate!

I am broken hearted and angry after the horrific massacre in Pittsburgh. I have been reading blog posts by their Rabbi, Jeffrey Myers and wondering just how angry he must be. One of his most recent posts is about celebrating joys and not just funerals. It’s lovely and I urge you to read it. What a wonderful leader.

So, this week, I ask that you write to the Tree of Life and tell them you are standing with them in their grief and in their recovery.  Tell them that love will win, that hope is still part of who we are. Tell them anything you can to reassure them that what happened in their community is something we are all fighting against, loving against.

Tree of Life
5898 Wilkins Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Phone Banks and Text Banks

Opportunity to help from your home or your phone… Sign up to text people and make sure they are voting!

Are you looking to phonebank? Let us know your area and we will hook you up!

In Her Image: Photographs by Rania Matar

Soraya and Tala, Yarze, Lebanon, from the series Unspoken Conversations, 2014

A new exhibit opened at the Transformer Station this weekend. Her photos examine the nature of female identity in girlhood, adolescence, and middle age in the United States and the Middle East.

This exhibition of 43 large-scale color images made between 2009 and 2016 surveys four series by the artist. L’Enfant-Femme explores how girls on the cusp of puberty often adopt stereotypical personas derived from mass media when posing for the camera. Matar re-photographed some of those girls three years later to create Becoming: pairs of images chronicling the transition to womanhood. A Girl and Her Room portrays teens in their bedrooms—the personal spaces that best reflect their inner selves. The final series, Unspoken Conversations, juxtaposes adolescent daughters and their middle-aged mothers to convey the complexity and universality of the mother-daughter relationship.

I find myself drawn to themes of how I have changed over time and while watching my children grow. I look forward to seeing her take on it and see if I find myself in there…

This Week!

NARAL is hosting Voice Your Choice, a fun evening of food and drinks and learning about VoterCircle, an app to help you reach and motivate people in your community. November 1, 6:30 at Prosperity Social, more info on the Facebook Page

Get out the Vote with Kathryn Hahn(I love her!!) in Cleveland on November 3, hosted by Planned Parenthood. Details on their Facebook Page


That’s it for this week! Let us know how we can support you!


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